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  • Niseko Instructor Discount: This discount is only for instructors who work in Niseko-affiliated snow schools:

NTD$3000 off from course fee (CASI 1, CASI 2, CASI 3, and Park 1 only)

NTD$1000 off from prep training/retest/level 3 exam component fee

*must provide proof of Niseko snow school instructor*

Example 1:  $4000 off for CASI 1 + level 1 prep training

Example 2: $6000 off for CASI 2 + Park 1

Example 3: $6000 off for CASI 3 course + full exam (all 3 components)

  • We are only responsible for the courses in Hokkaido. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. Please avoid inquiring by phone or Facebook. If you have concerns or questions about other courses in other regions (including Canada), please contact the corresponding course provider.

  • Our staff is only volunteers to help with emails. If we received too many emails, we won’t be able to reply immediately. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

  • Candidates/examinees must arrange their lift ticket, transportation, and accommodation. If you need assistance, please contact the corresponding travel agent. We recommend arranging your own trip if you are planning to arrive earlier and/or to stay longer.

  • In order to complete the registration, please first register with your name and email address. Then, use the following link to complete Application, Waiver, and Credit Card Authorization Form.

  • After you have registered for your first CASI course (even a no-show), you will receive a membership number. From then on, you will need this number to register for any other CASI courses. Usually, you will find this number at the top of your evaluation form. If you cannot find your number, you may contact CASI's head office in Canada.

  • Except for CASI 1 full course/retest, all candidates must pay their membership dues before registering for any CASI courses.

  • Instructors who have certification from other countries may be able to skip the CASI 1 and register for other courses. In order to do so, the instructor must first get approved by CASI and become an affiliate member. More details are available at the following link:

  • We do not accept group registration. Candidates must correctly enter their personal info. If there is any incorrect or missing info, the registration may become invalid.

  • It is very expensive to run courses/training in Hokkaido. Only after a course is full or almost full, we will request an evaluator from Canada. Once the evaluator is assigned, we will e-mail the course confirmation letter to all candidates.

  • If you enter incorrect personal info, it may affect the registration on day 1 and/or loss of membership card.

  • The online registration form alone doesn’t guarantee a spot and we do not accept reservations in advance.

  • For two identical conservative courses, the second course will only open after the first cell is full.

  • All courses have a limited number of spaces available. Once the course is full, CASI Foreign Course Provider reserves the right to refuse participants and to put them on a waiting list.

  • Refunds, cancellations, and changes must be requested in writing via email and 5% of course fees will be charged as an administration fee. Please allow at least 2 business days for your request to be processed.  For late cancellation, the following charge will be applied: after the course is confirmed, 80%; one month within the start of the course (or no-show), 100%.

  • Transfers are possible only towards a program of equal cost, within the same season and Hokkaido region. If no transfer is possible, the cancellation refund policy will automatically apply.

  • At any time the Foreign Course Provider reserves the right to cancel any course without prior notice, and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the participant. In this case, only a portion of course fees may be refunded.

  • We don't accept any change five days before the course start and we may not accept on-spot registration.

  • If there are enough retest candidates, we may open a special cell for retest only. If not, each cell can only consist of one riding and one teaching retest.

  • Only if there are enough spots, a retest candidate may change to register full course.

  • All our evaluators conduct only CASI courses and pre-course sessions. They do not provide any private training or lesson.

  • Candidates can communicate with us by email in English or Chinese. All English courses will run only in English, and no translator is allowed.

  • All CASI videos are only for reference purposes. Each evaluator will adjust the riding and teaching standards to the condition accordingly.

  • After the course is completed, it may take up to 1 month to receive the membership card.

  • All CASI candidates must wear properly certified snow helmets during all courses or training.

  • We don’t recommend candidates register CASI 1, 2, 3, or Park 1 at the same time. If the candidate failed in the previous course, then he/she will not be eligible to attend the following course. We won’t refund course fees and are not responsible for any related costs/losses.

  • Candidate must provide a clear photo ID with an English name (and Chinese name if available) on day one.

  • We are only a foreign course provider authorized by CASI. If you need assistance, please contact a corresponding travel agent to arrange your trip in Japan including lift ticket, transportation, accommodation, etc.

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