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Park Leve 1 Course

For full information about this course, please visit CASI website


English / Cantonese / Mandarin


Full course: NTD$26,000  (Cantonese/Mandarin: NTD$36,000)

Retest: NTD$13,000 (Cantonese/Mandarin: NTD$16,000)


  • Current CASI Level 1 Instructor

  • Able to demonstrate comfortable and safe riding skills on intermediate terrain, as well as basic terrain park features.

Course Duration

2-day totaling a minimum of 12 hours (including evaluations)

Who Should Take This Course?

You should take this course if you are a Level 1 instructor with a love of freestyle snowboarding. You should have a desire to introduce new students to snowboarding in the park safely and successfully. You should also be confident and comfortable both communicating and demonstrating in front of a group.

Am I Ready?

The Park Instructor Level 1 standards require you to pass both riding and teaching evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you:

  • Spend time working as an instructor, honing your presentation and class management skills.

  • Take a session with a current CASI Park Level 1 Evaluator to get feedback on your riding ability in relation to the technical standard.

You may also take the Park 1 course as a non-testing participant. Participate in the course and improve your teaching and riding skills without participating in the exams. Non-testing participants will not receive the Park 1 certification but at the completion of the course will receive a certificate of participation.

*Kindly Reminder*

Lift tickets are not included in the course fee

All candidates must wear helmets during the course

Please bring a photo ID on day 1

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